About us

Ceiling of Christopher Wren's St Stephen Walbrook

Dome of Christopher Wren’s St Stephen Walbrook

The Walbrook Must Trust was established as a registered charity in October 2007. Its founders had a vision to further the appreciation of music in the City of London using the Church of St Stephen Walbrook as the primary venue.

The founders shared a love of music and in particular a love of music by the famous Baroque composer George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) and his contemporaries. German born, Handel studied in Italy before settling in London and becoming a British citizen and one of Britain’s most influential composers.

‘The Handel Collection’ is the name of the orchestra which is engaged by the Trust for concerts and which was formed through the initiative of the Trust’s Director of Music and Co‑founder, Edward Adams. Its members are drawn from post graduate students of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The name, The Handel Collection, is also the used in a more subtle way to describe the music performed in successive series of concerts.

Our purpose

The Walbrook Music Trust creates and shares music of the highest quality. When it was established in 2007, it adopted three aims:

  1. To provide free access to high quality performances of the music of Handel and his contemporaries within the City of London;
  2. To give exposure, and create performance opportunities, for young, aspiring and highly talented professional musicians to assist in the development of their careers; and
  3. To promote St Stephen Walbrook as a concert venue in the City of London.

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