2013 Series

With the success of the previous five series of 36 concerts behind them, the Trustees of the Walbrook Music Trust present their sixth series, in celebration of the Wisdom of Age, exploring the concept of late style in relation not only to Handel himself, but to other composers to whom the concept seems particularly applicable. The invention of the concept ‘The Wisdom of Age’ is attributed to  Theodor Adorno (1903 – 1969):

The power of introspection in late works of art is   the uncompromising manner in which it emerges from the works   themselves.  It breaks free of their confines, not in order to express itself, but by abandoning overt expression to cast off the appearance of art. Such works are fragmentary and introspection emerges, like a cipher, from the   blank spaces between the fragments.  Touched by mortality, the hand of   the master liberates the raw material which he used to mould.  The discontinuities and fissures within it, witnesses to the finite powerlessness of the self confronted with the mystery of existence, are its final word. Everything superfluous in a work of art – and therefore everything which transcends the law of mere   existence – is abandoned.  The function of the work of art lies precisely in its transcending mere existence. … since the work of art, after all, cannot be reality, eliminating all illusory elements accentuates all the   more starkly its illusory character.  This process is inescapable.  

Concert 1 – 12th February – In Memory of Raymond Salisbury-Jones
Handel – Harp Concerto Opus 4 No. 6
Telemann – Recorder Concerto   in C
Elgar – Sospiri for Organ, Strings and Harp
Handel – Organ Concerto Opus 4 No. 2
•  Anneke Hodnett  –  Harp
•  David  Aprahamian Liddle  –  Organ
•  Rebecca Vučetić  –  Recorder


Concert 2 – 12th March
Vivaldi – Concerto for Flute Il Gardellino
Vaughan Williams – Oboe Concerto
Handel – Arias from Theodora and Solomon  
•  Ana de la Vega – Flute
•  Rhuti Carr – Oboe
•  Denise Leigh – Soprano


Concert 3 – 9th April
Richard Strauss – Metamorphosen (original   version)
•  Soloists  of The Handel Collection

Concert 4 – 14th May

Handel – Organ Concertos Opus 7 No. 3

Britten –  Phaedra

Handel  – Organ Concerto Opus 7 No. 4

•  Carris Jones  –  Mezzo Soprano

•  Mark Williams – Orga


Concert 5 – 21st May  
Shostakovitch –  Symphony No. 14  
•  Shuna Scott Sendall  Soprano
•  Ross Mcinroy  Bass


Concert 6 – 11th June  
Lennox Berkeley – Serenade for Strings   
Mozart – Bassoon Concerto K. 191
Handel – Dettingen Anthem The King shall Rejoice
•  Andrew   Watson  –  Bassoon
•  The   Rodolfus Choir


Between these main orchestral concerts there will be a full series of chamber recitals which will also reflect the Wisdom of Age theme.  The concerts are called Platform Concerts because they give a platform to younger musicians and singers wanting to develop the performance skills and more seasoned musicians and singers wishing to try new and imaginative programmes.  You can also find details on our Facebook page.

  • 22nd January – Ana de la Vega
  • 29th January – Angela Garcia Lopez, Viola from The Guildhall School of Music and  Drama
  • 5th February – Programme of English Songs by Matthew Pochin (Tenor) and William Falconer (Bass)
  • 19th February – Jane Gilbert (Flute) and Neil Wright (Organ)
  • 26th February – Marta Fontanals Simmons (Mezzo Soprano) from The Guildhall School of Music and Drama
  • 5th March  – Arbory String Quartet
  • 19th March – Yair Avidor, Theorbo   and Lute
  • 26th March – Masque of Time,  Historical Performance Department, The Guildhall   School of Music and Drama
  • 2nd April  – Platform Concert – Details   TBC
  • 16th April – Britten’s Canticles (1)   – Tom Robson, Tenor
  • 23rd April – Platform Concert –   Details to be confirmed
  • 30th April – No Concert
  • 7th May – Young Pyo Lee (Violin)
  • 28th May – Kristina Rokasevits (Piano) from The  Guildhall School of Music and Drama
  • 4th June – Platform Concert –  Details to be confirmed

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